Magician David Sandy performs the Walter Blaney Ladder Levitation at Hollywoods Magic Castle.

Magician David Sandy performs the Blaney Ladder Levitation at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood California. This magical performance was recorded April 10th, 2013.

From a review of David Sandy’s appearance at the Magic Castle, April,  2013, by Nick Lewin. 

The centerpiece of Sandy’s show was the “Blaney Levitation”, which most surely rates as one of the greatest illusions ever created. It is baffling and beautiful to watch and fools the eye and mind in an immaculate fashion.



Magician Lance Burton comments on the Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation

During the taping of Lance Burtons segment in the Walter Blaney Bio video, Lance was asked his opinion of the Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation. The video below was taped backstage at the Lance Burton Theatre in the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Camera credits.. Ryan Joyce, Timothy Drake

Official Ladder Levitation Builder- Daniel Summers Illusion Design

Now that Walter Blaney has retired from building his Ladder Levitation Illusion he has passed the building rights to Daniel Summers Illusion Design. Daniel is the ONLY authorized builder of the Zaney Blaney Ladder Levitation illusion. Inquiries on purchasing a levitation illusion should be made to Daniel at his official website.

Illusion Designer Daniel Summers

Daniel Summers Illusion Design

Ladder Levitation Illusion Performance Video Montage

Over the years Walter Blaney performed his Ladder Levitation Illusion on numerous television shows including, The Tonight Show, Merv Griffin, The Diane Shore Show, To Tell The Truth, The Mike Douglas show and many others. Eventually Walter released the effect to other Magicians including Illusionist David Copperfield and Lance Burton among others.

Clips from a few of these television appearances were edited together by Timothy Drake into the video montage seen below. Enjoy!