Don't buy cheap unauthorized copies.



Because the Ladder Levitation has proven popular with both audiences and magicians it was inevitable that unauthorized copies would be attempted, I have seen many of them come and go over the years.

QUALITY- They are all junk. I know of cheap copies breaking during performance causing injury to the volunteer. When you think about the fact that copies often sell for less than the cost of the materials needed to build an authorized version it is not difficult to understand why this happens. Over the years I have seen versions that have tac-paper applied to the illusion instead of real paint, cheap materials that easily break and construction methods used that spoil the effectiveness of the illusion.

AUTHORIZATION- Some sources of the "copies" or " knockoffs" claim to be selling authorized original Blaney Ladder Levitations. This is NOT true. Any company claiming to build or sell authorized Ladder Levitations is lying to you. Be careful dealing with any company that is willing to lie to you by making such claims. There is only ONE authorized builder qualified to build and sell the Ladder Levitation and that is Daniel Summers of Daniel Summers Illusion Design. If you have any inquiries please contact him at

ETHICS- Respect of other magicians material and Intellectual Property ( IP ) is the cornerstone of good magic. Please do not reward those who steal my IP and creative ideas by purchasing from them. By supporting theft of a magicians Intellectual Property you are damaging the art of magic as well as your reputation in the magic community.

VALUE AND INVESTMENT- The Blaney Ladder Levitation will serve you for many years and will pay for itself many times over. I used my Original Ladder Levitation for over 40 years problem free. Your authorized version will offer you the same durability over thousands of shows. Should you decide to sell it you will find that not only did it pay for itself but that it has retained much of its original value at resale. A cheap copy will not hold any value and will be both difficult and embarassing to sell on the magic market to ethical magicians.

THANK YOU- For supporting authorized illusions and furthering the art of magic.


Sincerely ,

Walter Blaney



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Purchasing Info and Inquiries.


The only authorized builder of the Blaney Ladder Levitation is Daniel Summers of Daniel Summers Illusion Design. Please contact him at for purchasing information.


Warning about unauthorized copies.


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